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We are not hypocrites. We don’t want to change the world with Bibi. We want Bibi to become a successful meme and the Bibi token to gain popularity and make money trading.

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Mr. Thompson, during the day, ran a merry-go-round at the amusement park. In that carousel there was a beautiful horse to which he had given the name Bibi. The childrens really liked Bibi and they competed to get on that beautiful horse.

But the night changed everything.

Deep in the heart of the desolate countryside, there stood an old, dilapidated farmhouse. The air was heavy with a sense of unease, as if the very land itself held a dark secret. 

In that house Mr. Thompson would return every night after all the children had returned to their homes from the carnival.  

Mr. Thompson was a man of solitary habits and a reputation for eccentricity. 

Despite his gracious name, rumors circulated among the locals, speaking of Bibi’s sinister nature and the evil that seemed to emanate from him. People whispered that he was not a mere horse but a creature born of darkness, harboring a malevolent spirit. They also said that at night Bibi came to life, dismounted from the carousel and hid in the stable of Mr Thompson’s farmhouse.

Despite the warnings, curious souls were drawn to the farmhouse, hoping to catch a glimpse of the enigmatic horse that instilled fear in the hearts of many.

One stormy night, a group of adventurous teenagers decided to investigate the legends surrounding Bibi. Ignoring the tales of woe, they made their way through the treacherous path leading to Mr. Thompson’s farm. The wind howled through the trees, and the rain beat mercilessly upon them as they reached their destination.

With trepidation, Emily reached out to touch Bibi’s glossy coat. As her fingers made contact, an icy chill enveloped her hand, sending a shiver down her spine. She realized that one side of the horse was completely disemboweled and that her muscles and bowels were completely uncovered. Emily was both disgusted and terrified.

The other teens watched in silent terror, unable to tear their eyes away from the scene unfolding before them.

Suddenly, Bibi’s demeanor shifted. His nostrils flared, and his eyes burned with an insatiable hunger. In an instant, he lunged at Emily, his powerful jaws clamping down on her arm. Bloodcurdling screams echoed through the night as the other teens recoiled in horror, their minds paralyzed with fear.

The night turned into a nightmare as Bibi unleashed his unholy fury. With each vicious bite, he tore into the flesh of his victims, their agonizing cries blending with the thunderous storm. The farmhouse became a scene of unimaginable carnage, painted in shades of red and filled with the stench of death.

By dawn, the storm subsided, leaving behind a trail of devastation. The lifeless bodies of the once-adventurous teenagers lay strewn across the farmhouse, their dreams and aspirations forever extinguished. 

Bibi, sated by his grisly feast, retreated again into the darkness of the stable.

At sunrise, Bibi was again a beautiful carousel horse ready for the unsuspecting children but he did not want anything else that the night fell again to gut other curious unlucky.

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