We are tokenizing a luxury widespread hotel that includes the real estate and the management company.

The project consists in the purchase, renovation and management of the hotel. The financing of the whole operation will be through the sale of digital tokens named “ilborgo”.

Ilborgo token will entitle the holder to: a) obtain services of the hotel and of the affiliated facilities in the area, b) exchange or sell it in the secondary market, c) convert it into an equity financial instrument (SFP) incorporated in an NFT that gives the right to participation in the profits of management and any capital gain on the future sale of real estate, d) convert the equity financial instrument into shares of the company owner and management company.

Right c will be subject to the possession of a minimum number of tokens. Right d will be subject to the possession of a minimum number of SFP. Please see the chapter “Rights and obligations attached to crypto-assets (cont’d)” in the White Paper for information about the conversion rates.

The Super Private Sale has started

The location

The “Borgo di Sempronio Widespread Hotel

The project plans to purchase, renovate and manage a widespread luxury hotel called “Il Borgo di Sempronio” in the ancient municipality of Semproniano, Tuscany, Italy.

A widespread hotel is a tourist accommodation facility, characterized by the displacement of rooms or apartments in several buildings distributed in a delimited territory coordinated by a central office. This formula helps the requalification of old villages and little towns that enshrine artistic and architectural values as in the case of Semproniano.

The property will consist of:

  • Five ancient houses already in operations that will have to be renovated to reposition them on the luxury segment.
  • The ancient praetorian palace that dates back to the ‘500 with the watchtower built in the twelfth century as a bulwark of the Rocca Aldobrandesca. This property needs to be completely renovated.
  • The ancient rectory dating back to 1500 that must undergo minor renovations but always in the direction of luxury.

Available to guests will be all the highest quality “concierge” services between here transfer by helicopter or limousine from major airports, luxury cuisine and wines, organization of weddings and events, etc.

The five ancient houses already in operation:

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The House of The Roses

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Super private sale

Offer: 375,000 tokens

Price: USDC 0.8 each

No token amount limits per purchase

Lockup: 6 months

No vesting

Private sale

Offer: 750,000 tokens

Price: USDC 1.0 each

Token amount limits per purchase: USDT 250.00

Lockup: 6 months

No vesting


Offer: 3,375,000 tokens

Price: USDC 1.2 each

Lockup: 2 days

No vesting

Public sale

Offer: 800,000 tokens

Price: USDC 1.3 each

No lockup

No vesting


The softcap is fixed at 2,000,000 tokens. If this goal is not reached, the funds will be refunded.

Super Private Sale has started

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    Il Borgo di Sempronio NFT is a project by Slenos