Brief description of the project


Slenos’ business is copyright protection. Slenos is already in business but we wnat to move forward so our dream is to realize a technological project that includes blockchain, smart contract, tokenization and DAO whose name has, for the moment, been established in “Decentralized Slenos ”.

Currently Slenos acts like this:

For works other than music:

  • the author uploads his work on the portal in obviously digital format,
  • the system deposits the file in the Algorand blockchain,
  • the author receives the certificate.

For music:

  •  the author uploads the file to the portal,
  • we manually put the time stamp,
  •  we store the file on our server and in the cloud,
  •  only if the customer requests it, we deposit the metadata in blockchain,
  • only if the customer requests it, we distribute the music file on the online platforms,
  • the online platforms pay the royalties for downloading and streaming directly to the author (we do not get our hands on money).


We would like to take a step forward. The problem to be solved is that the authors receive royalties from the portals in a very small percentage (when the file is distributed via portals) or no royalty when the file is distributed through systems that do not pay royalties. In any case, the authorship of the work must be protected against uses not authorized by the author.

Slenos wants to create a decentralized system in which:

  • the author uploads his/her file on our portal,
  • the author receives an NFT certifying ownership of the work with the right to resell the NFT,
  • the file is deposited in the blockchain,
  • the author receives a certificate with the data about the deposit in blockchain,
  • only if the author requests it (because some works will still be secret), the file is published on our portal where users can download it using the Slenos token (see below)..

The entire ecosystem shall be based on Token Slenos in the sense that:

  • the more Token Slenos the user staking the more he spends, the more files he can download or upload from the portal,
  • a smart contract divides the proceeds from downloads between the author, Slenos, and the user who staking the tokens.


  • for the author who:
    • protects the ownership of his work,
    • earns royalties in a much higher percentage than the current ones,
    • upload his file at a discount price using the Slenos Token
  • for the user who:
    • can download files at a discount price using the Slenos Token,
    • earns rewards for staking,
  • for Slenos who finances himself from the issue of the token.

What we need from you

Step 1

  • A judgment on the possibility of carrying out the project,
  • The final draft of the project,
  • Advice on Token metrics, token supply and distribution,
  • Advice on the best strategy to offer tokens to the market with the purpose of funding the project including the selection of the platform for pre-sale (if advisable), public sale, etc,
  • The text of the technical part for the white paper considering that the rest of the white paper has already been prepared by our legal team according to MICA (REGULATION OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL on Markets in Crypto-assets, and amending Directive (EU) 2019/1937).

Step 2

Realization of the project according to the specifications described in the final draft of step 1.

What next

If you think you can be useful in carrying out the project, contact us with the form below to schedule a video call or ask for more information.

Thank you for your interest.

Andrea Cesaretti, founder and CEO @ Slenos

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