We are not a financial intermediary and we do not carry out activities reserved for these subjects.

Thanks to our expertise in the blockchain sector, we exclusively offer technical advice to music producers who wish to issue tokens, fungible or not, to monetize their works.

Our core business is to protect the copyright of authors of artistic, literary, scientific, etc.

Slenos Srl Startup Innovativa allows creators to protect their copyright with a time stamp, cryptographic fingerprint and blockchain deposit.

For musical works, Slenos uses an audio recognition system that allows to detect counterfeits.

Slenos distributes the musical works on the main music platforms.

Slenos helps creators in issuing their NFTs.

If you want to discover the team, please visit this page. Moreover, this is linkedin profile of our founder. You can also find his publications here.

Find out more at: www.slenos.com and www.slenos.eu.

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