The world is changing without asking for permission

Never before has trust in institutions, including regulators and banks, been as low. People have witnessed the toxic manipulations of the financial markets and corruption in various sectors of society.

Our desire is for autonomy, self-sufficiency and personalization, a desire that extends to the world of finance. We want it to be ours, and not that of bankers and brokers, the last word on how to manage money and, with governments and entire economies under the stress of a global pandemic, we are calling for even more self-sufficiency.

Cryptocurrencies, tokens, NFTs minimize the need for trust: the code cannot be corrupted, the blockchain cannot be corrupted.

Decentralized applications do not need intermediaries: cryptography is built on a foundation of peer-to-peer self-sufficiency. With a wallet and a private key, you can access an increasingly growing universe of financial instruments.

Some of these tools parallel the functions of the traditional economy, others will undoubtedly create entirely new concepts around money and wealth including in the music industry.

What is a NFT?